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Dimitrios Sideris

hello we have an S400 cnc and it seems to have a 200 micron backlash. i.e. when you move it in one direction and then to the oposite direction the driver moves by 200 micron before the head starts moving again. is that something that can be corrected?


Best web site


This is definitely one of the most complete sites for cnc machines


Very nice.


This is great, here I find all the information on cnc machines

Benders described and programmable bending procedures.

Posted by on 25 Dec 2011 11:50 CNC For Bending
This high capacity 150mm Multi Stack all electric tube bender is ideal for high accuracy and repeatability necessary for industrys such aerospace and ship building!Multistack benders allow complex ben...
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CNC Tube Bender

Posted by on 25 Dec 2011 12:32 CNC For Bending
CNC Tube benders are a rarity compared with CNC Mills, CNC Lathes and CNC Routers. There aren’t too many hobbyists with one. Most often you will find them in Muffler Shops bending specific exhaust...
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Gallery CNC machines

Posted by Mehdin on 26 Jun 2010 3:45 CNC For Bending
Gallery CNC machines:
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The work on the machine, program selection, control programs
Well I guess I don't have to spend the wekneed figuring this one out!
Measurement and correction tools for milling
Absolutely first rate and copper-boottmed, gentlemen!
Robot Bending Machines
You've really ipmresesd me with that answer!

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