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Dimitrios Sideris

hello we have an S400 cnc and it seems to have a 200 micron backlash. i.e. when you move it in one direction and then to the oposite direction the driver moves by 200 micron before the head starts moving again. is that something that can be corrected?


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This is definitely one of the most complete sites for cnc machines


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This is great, here I find all the information on cnc machines

Benders described and programmable bending procedures.

Posted by on 25 Dec 2011 11:50 CNC For Bending
This high capacity 150mm Multi Stack all electric tube bender is ideal for high accuracy and repeatability necessary for industrys such aerospace and ship building!Multistack benders allow complex bending without tool change. If a multistack tool cannot be applied for stability reasons, an automated clamp die changing system that accommodates up to eight clamp dies is available.
The machines feature programmable bending procedures and boosting by the transport carriage, including boosting in the pressure die area. This boosting reduces wall thinning at the outer bend and allows narrow bends.A radius of less than 1 x OD can be achieved.Other features include an MMI Mulitcontrol 2020 system; TFT monitor; touchscreen; plausibility verification; XYZ coordinate recalculation into bending parameters; flexible programming; multitasking; and 3-D displays.f you fabricate metal products and need resources to get the job done, thefabricator.com can help. Each tech cell is packed with specific links to help you find product information, suppliers, technical articles, case studies, seminars and conferences, as well as books, software, and videos on metal fabricating-related topics.Bauers’ primary core competency is bending. When we say "Large or small, Bauer can bend it all" we mean it. We feature CNC and mechanical benders that bend in material range from 3/8" to 6", from .028" wall to .250" wall in carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and brass. We bend rounds, ovals, squares, rectangles and special shapes. Quality mandrel and non-mandrel, crush, draw and press bends. Our reputation is that when others can’t bend it, they say go to Bauer they can do the hard stuff. Bauer has capabilities to bend complex shapes. Many of our CNC benders are linked to our laser vector measuring equipment with a feedback loop to adjust our benders to meet bend specifications. Bauer’s compliments its wide range of bending capabilities with a very large inventory of bend dies/tools (over 500).Eaton Leonard & STAR – CNC tube benders with head shifter and roll bending (calendaring) capabilities in the same setup. This CNC rotary tube bender features a three-position headshifter for multi-radius, multi-diameter, multi-plane and compound bend applications. In addition, it includes the ability to perform calendaring (roll bending).

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The work on the machine, program selection, control programs
Well I guess I don't have to spend the wekneed figuring this one out!
Measurement and correction tools for milling
Absolutely first rate and copper-boottmed, gentlemen!
Robot Bending Machines
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