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Dimitrios Sideris

hello we have an S400 cnc and it seems to have a 200 micron backlash. i.e. when you move it in one direction and then to the oposite direction the driver moves by 200 micron before the head starts moving again. is that something that can be corrected?


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This is definitely one of the most complete sites for cnc machines


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This is great, here I find all the information on cnc machines

Milling machinesIn CNC milling the cutting tool is moved in all three dimensions to achieve the desired part shape

Posted by on 25 Dec 2011 11:53 CNC For Milling
CNC milling is a cutting process in which material is removed from a block by a rotating tool. In CNC milling the cutting tool is moved in all three dimensions to achieve the desired part shape.  In CNC milling the cutting tool usually rotates about an axis that is perpendicular to the table that holds the material to be cut. A milling machine looks somewhat like a drill press at first glance. A cutting tool protrudes down from a rotating spindle. A block of material is placed on a moving table below the cutter. While the cutting tool turns, a computer controls the vertical (Z axis) motion of the cutter and the horizontal (X and Y axis) motion of the block of material. The cutter is guided to move through the material, removing portions to create shapes. Additionally, the material can be turned to various orientations in the middle of the process and cutting tools of various shapes can be used.
Material is usually removed by both the end and the side of the cutting tool. Some common cutter shapes include:-Plain endmill- used for most milling - creates walls with straight 90 deg edges and sharp corners at the bottom of recesses.-Chamfer endmill- creates 45 deg bevels on the top edge of a wall or recess.-Grooving endmill- creates rectangular grooves in side walls.-Ball mill-- creates rounded edges at the bottom edge of a recess.-Rounding endmill- creates rounded edges at the top edge.-Angle endmill- creates walls at angles other than 90 deg.-and, not shown, a conventional drill and high speed CNC milling and engraving machines deliver an awe-inspiring combination of features that yield speeds, feeds and surface finishes that have never been seen before. Our innovation in the design of high speed CNC milling and engraving machines.High speed precision CNC milling machines from Datron are designed for precision micro machining and industrial engraving of aluminum, plastics, stainless steel, graphite, ceramics and virtually any non-ferrous material. Our singular focus is on efficiency with small tools. We serve industries that require a precision CNC milling machine or CNC router for both This model puts the versatility in high-speed machining. When close tolerances and optimized cycle times are a necessity, the DATRON M8 is perfect.The machine bed is a revolutionary polymer-concrete design that offers extreme stability and durability. A “cut-away” option (or open notch at the front of the bed) allows for the vertical mounting of parts . As an example, if you want to engrave your name at the end of a baseball bat.The M8 XL-1500 machining system is specially designed for the precise machining of large-format workpieces. The useable machining area is 40.16'' x 62.99'' with a floor space of 72.83'' x 94.49'' x 76.77''. The solid vibration-dampened construction with precision linear guides is the basis for high production quality – while machining at high speed. The large swing doors at the front and rear sides of a professional enclosure enable easy loading of the machine.
A water-chilled 60,000 rpm spindle and an optional laser calibrated guidance system insures tight tolerances and high accuracies over a large 40.16" x 31.50" working area. In high-volume production where seconds off a cycle time can make the difference in meeting production demands, the value of the DATRON M8 is very easily justified.
This system is ideal for military, aerospace and medical industries.

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The work on the machine, program selection, control programs
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Measurement and correction tools for milling
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Robot Bending Machines
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