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Dimitrios Sideris

hello we have an S400 cnc and it seems to have a 200 micron backlash. i.e. when you move it in one direction and then to the oposite direction the driver moves by 200 micron before the head starts moving again. is that something that can be corrected?


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This is definitely one of the most complete sites for cnc machines


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This is great, here I find all the information on cnc machines

MultiCam CNC Laser Cutting Systems

Posted by Mehdin on 26 Jun 2010 3:08 CNC Laser Cutting
In addition to marking and engraving metals, Miyachi Unitek's LMF series fiber laser markers can make fine, high-quality cuts in copper, steel, and aluminum up to 0.02 in. thick. This capability enables cost-effective prototyping of lead frame parts, featured sheet parts, and steel tubes and can be used to modify an existing design. The method uses no direct assist gas. Precise control over laser parameters means the cut can be tuned for speed and quality with an underside burr of less than 0.0005 in.Laservision offers the 00145 high visual light transmittance filter eyewear.The glass filter is commonly used with Nd:YAG and Er:YAG laser applications.
Its visible light transmission is 71 percent for photopic and 75 percent for scotopic.The FASTLaser (Flow Accelerated Screen Technology) LR2075 CO2 metal cutting head from Hypertherm utilizes the firm’s patented process technology to significantly improve operator functionality on existing systems. The LR2075 features digital readout for easier repeatability between shift-to-shift and material changes. Plus its “No Tools” quick lens and focal-length change (between 5.0 and 7.5 in.) reduces production interruptions. The unique strength of Hypertherm’s patented FASTLaser process is its ability to deliver optimal gas flow directly to the cut zone, consistently matching beam width and gas flow-chemistry and plate condition. PRIMA North America has introduced RAPIDO, a 3-D laser cutting system. RAPIDO features a versatile, compact, unique design for increased cutting speed, work accessibility, automation and safety. RAPIDO offers many sophisticated features designed to automate the production process. For example, RAPIDO’s focal position control (FPC) automatically manages the laser’s focal position according to the specific application and controls the head position throughout the entire production process. This special FPC functionality delivers high and uniform cutting quality, and eliminates production set-up changes when alternating material types and thicknesses. RAPIDO’s machine structure, laser, CNC and electro mechanics are integrated into a cantilevered, compact architecture. An exclusive split-cabin, sliding pallet design allows RAPIDO to continuously cut parts without any idle time during the unloading/reloading process

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The work on the machine, program selection, control programs
Well I guess I don't have to spend the wekneed figuring this one out!
Measurement and correction tools for milling
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Robot Bending Machines
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