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Dimitrios Sideris

hello we have an S400 cnc and it seems to have a 200 micron backlash. i.e. when you move it in one direction and then to the oposite direction the driver moves by 200 micron before the head starts moving again. is that something that can be corrected?


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This is definitely one of the most complete sites for cnc machines


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This is great, here I find all the information on cnc machines

Determination of nul points (W) at milling

Posted by on 25 Dec 2011 2:52 Programming CNC milling machine
When working on the machine one of the first act, as we have learned, The definition of nul points in the workpiece which is the center of the coordinate system. This item is placed on the workpiece if necessary and depends on the geometry of the workpiece. The symmetric point of workpieces W is usually in the middle of the workpiece and the not symmetrical, point W is usually in the lower left corner of the workpiece., point W is usually in the lower left corner of the workpiece.
Function G54 (G55-G57) often pass the point M (machine-nul point) at the head of fixed jaws (A minor point - see Figure 17), and then a function of displacement (G58-G59) or Trans (ATRANS) to the required position on the workpiece. This last step is write the software.
For example, N10 G54 - nul points define the position at the head of fixed jaws (auxiliary data about the coordinates of point A can be found in the registry for the nul points - Parameters / Workoffset) N20 G58 X50 Y-30 Z5 - the block shifting nul point to favorable or N20 TRANS X50 Y-30 Z5 position on the workpiece to facilitate the writing of ease of writing programs.
I support the process of determining the nul point A with an angle sensor (standard) consists of the following:
1. set the standard for measuring spindle nul points in the machine and turn spin (max 500 rpm - write a program to speed the MIDI mode)
2.with the switch in JOG mode, the sensor closer to the top of the fixed jaws at Xosi (reduced feed INC10)
3. When the moving part of the sensor completely centric spin (estimate), we record the x-coordinate in the registry for nul point G54 (Workoffset). At the same time we must seize the sensor radius (2mm).
4. In a similar way to bring the top of the sensor and touch another stationary jaws on the Y axis coordinate and write in the registry for nul point G54 (Workoffset)
5. coordinate axis Z will be the easiest and most accurate way to get to the forehead of the main spindle (without rotation) Touch the upper jaws (n bring a point to point A). In doing so, reduce the feed rate and put under the brow of the main spindle paper so when he apparently stuck coordinate axis Z.
The coordinates can serve to measure the tool so that tool set in vretenište machine and tool tip (without rotation) Touch the upper stationary jaws. The difference between the current coordinates of the tool tip and vice height (Z axis point A) is the required correction tools which is entered in the register of tools (Tooloffset). In the next section will explain how to measure using the tools or the comparator sensor for measuring.

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Measurement and correction tools for milling
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